Saturday, June 1, 2013

Look 9: Sick and Tired

Hi there! My newest outfit. 
i was feeling a little bored from spending so much time at home that I decided to try something different. I was inspired by remembering the days i used to skate. 
Miss those days :)

I'm wearing a basic black tank, a faded denim jacket, jeans I decided to cut up, my DIY embroidered and painted converse sneakers, a chain necklace and a black beanie.

The sneakers where just plain ankle high converse sneakers. 
I cut them and added come white trim because I didn't like the ankle high thing.
I embroidered some designs, added some buttons and painted them with nail polish with some glitter, to spice things up.

I'm pretty happy about the result. ^_^

Thanks For Looking!!


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