Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Fabric Covered Bangle Bracelets

Hi there!
I decided to do a DIY post on the bangle bracelets you see in my outfits.
Above you have a picture of me modeling a bunch of them. I don't usually wear so many at the time but for the sake of the DIY, I wanted to show you the ones I just made.

So, you'll need:
- An empty Pringles can
- A glue gun or any strong tacky glue
- Scissors
- A knife cutter
- A sponge sheet or any spongy material
- Tape
- Fabric of your choice (42"x3.5")

Step 1. 
Mark around the can according to the thickness of your bracelet. For me, I measured at about 1 and a 1/4 inch.

Step 2.
Using a knife cutter, cut along the mark.

Step 3.
 Grab your spongy material, wrap it around the piece you just cut and secure it with some tape.

Step 4. (Optional)
  Wrap all the bracelet with tape.
I do this because it makes the bracelet stronger. But if you don't mind, you can skip this step.
P.S.: I use masking tape.

Step 5.
 Fold the sides of the fabric to the middle.

Step 6.
 Warm up your glue gun and glue the folded edge of your piece of fabric to the inside of the bracelet.

Step 7.
Wrap the fabric around the bracelet diagonally.

Step 8.
Once your almost done wrapping add some glue to secure the  edge.

And you're done! ^_^

Since I was doing the tutorial, I decided to make a few more.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it was clear. 
If you have any questions please feel free to ask by commenting.

Thanks For Looking! ^_^

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Look 19: Idle In Motion

Hi there!
How has the week been going for ya?

It's been great for me, its my last two weeks before school starts.
Ha! I need 1 more month of vacation!

This is the outfit I was wearing today (Thursday).
It hasn't been too cold here, especially during the day, so I can get away with less coats and stuff.
I'm wearing: a striped top (kelso), cuffed jeans (re:), a poncho style scarf and blue ballet flats.
I'm also wearing these fabric bangles I made. Really into DIY right now. ^_^
More details below.

Thanks You For Looking.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Look 18: Absent Minded

Hi Everyone!!!
How has the week been for you?
Its been an awesome week for me because I have a room of my own.
I was sharing a room with my sister. I love her but, I love my privacy too so, I'm a happy girl now.

This is my Saturday.
I'm wearing: a blue jacket, black tank (Woolworths), and a DIYed african print skirt that used to be a dress. I did a look with the top bit of the skirt earlier.
Accessories below.

I was wearing this to a family gathering we had this weekend. It was a nice day to spend with all of my relatives. We to that once a month so we stay in touch.

I hope you enjoyed the look and had a fantastic weekend.

Thank you for looking!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look 17: A New Look At Life

Hi there!!
Another outfit post.
This is what I wore on Tuesday, which I woke up late, so I picked 2 items that were easy to put on.
I'm actually happy that I was late because I didn't have time to over complicate my outfit.
I'm wearing: a snap on safari dress, cuffed jeans and new flats.

For the jewelry, I'm wearing another DIY leather bracelet (for instructions Click Here), a collar necklace and my tribal headband.

I just bought these flats and I really like the detail on them. Plus, they're very comfy.
No regrets. ^_^

I named the look A New Look At Life because, the recent events in my life helped me to see that no matter what you've lost or what has ended, its important to let everything teach you a lesson and make you into a new and better person.

 Take care,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Look 16: In The Depts Of Loneliness

Hi there!
Just a quick post on my latest outfit.
I'm wearing: a white hoddie (Billabong), a strped white tee, a handmade blue tube top, pale green jeans (Life In Progress)  and blue tie on sandals.
Oh, and my beanie of course. It keeps my hair protected from the not so great weather.



Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Beaded Leather Bracelet

Hi everybody! 
Here is my first DIY post, made by me, so cut me some slack please.
As the title goes, its for a beaded leather bracelet.

You'll need:
- A piece of leather
- Beads
- A glue gun or any strong glue
- Needle and thread
- Snap closure or velcro

Step 1.
Cut a 1.5 inch by 7 inch piece of leather.

Step 2.
Mark the middle so you know where to sew the beads.
I folded it but I think its better to just draw a line on the wrong side, because later on I realized that the fold like stays there.

Step 3.
Sew the beads down the middle, the proximity of them depends on your preference. 

This is what it looks like from the wrong side.

Step 4.

Apply some glue on to the wrong side of the piece of leather and fold the sides onto the middle.

After gluing it should look like this.

Step 5.

Add a snap or any other type of closure to secure your bracelet.
I used velcro, which I had in hand, but for the next ones I'll use a snap closure because its much safer.

Step 6.

Wear it, because you're done!

I like how the bracelets add another dimension to my arm parties.

I made a black one with the beads closer together. I think I like it better.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY,

Have an awesome week!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Look 15: Unaware

Hi everyone!!
How has it been?
This is my Saturday outfit. It is not as cold anymore, so I can ease up on my jackets and stuff. 

I'm wearing: A faded denim jacket from macy's (my dad bought it in the states), a pale green shirt, black tank and jeans (GUESS), and my trusted studded flats.

I decided to wear my recent DIYs, and this bag is my most recent project.
It's made out of leather, as you can see. I think it is wearable. :-)

These I also made. I think I was wearing all DIY jewelry, except my earrings and headband.

I was shopping at my local craft supply store and I saw this beauty.
I just couldn't resist the design and colors.

Thank You For Looking,

I Hope You Have An Awesome Week.