Monday, June 17, 2013

Do It Yourself!

One of the other things I am really passionate about, besides fashion and taking outfit photos, is DIYs.
I constantly find myself on the internet looking at the enormous variety of tutorials and inspirations for my next DIY project.
So I thought I would integrate that passion here on to the blog. 
By posting weekly DIY inspiration and tutorials I find on the web, followed by my attempts at them.

These are my 5 fave DIYs of the Week:

photo from: anna . evers

I love this idea! I saw a few of these zipper jackets/blazers on Lookbook a while ago.
The link leads you to a tutorial with very clear steps, so it seems pretty simple to make, if you have all the materials. I already know what to recycle to make this! ;-)

2. DIY Yoyo Flower Necklace
photo from: anna . evers

Also by the same DIY blog. A pretty easy yet cute necklace.
I have tons of scraps from sewing clothing, so this will use them up.
I think I will make some for my little sister and my nieces. They would love it!

3. Fringed Tshirt DIY

This is a great summer DIY idea. Although I am not in summer now I think doing this to my old tshirts seems enjoyable.

4. Tank Top To Beach Tote
photo from: Can Can Dancer

I'm not much of a purse girl. I prefer across the shoulder bags and clutches.
  I never tried drawstring bags though, I think they would be nice to carry things.

5. DIY Straw Necklace
photo from: Dana's Fashion Blog

I can't believe this is made with straws. So cool.
I will definitely try this, the materials are too easy to find. ^_^

That is all for this week.
I will be attempting at at least 2 of these DIYs and show you the results.
Here's to happy DIYing!!



  1. this is so cool! thanks for the idea of posting this! :)

  2. You have an amazing blog! did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo

    1. Thanks. I will surely follow your blog Joice.
      Thank you for stopping by! ^_^

  3. Hi Mirna!

    These tips is really awesome! i´m terrible with DIY ! i dont have talent for this but im admire who has!

    Priscila Diniz

    1. Hi Priscila, thank you for stopping by!
      I admire them too. Especially for having patience to do it.

      Stay in touch. ^_^

  4. These are really cool! I love DIY

    1. I'm glad you like it an thanks for stopping by Andi!! ^_^