Saturday, November 9, 2013

Look 31: Tshirt and Jeans =)

Hi guys!!
How has the week been treating you?
I'm EXAUSTED!... But there is only 2 more weeks till the holidays. I can't wait.

I managed to find some time to take some pictures today. Right after I got home from a test.
I decided to keep it simple today, Tshirt and Jeans, hence the title.
I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks For Looking!!


P.S. : I want to share this DIY Chain Bracelet link from a page I follow on the web.
It's called StudentRate Trends, all the students should definitely check it out. ;)


  1. nice necklace and bracelet :)

  2. I think is very easy to make a lot of versions of the chain accesories. I love your neon pick.

  3. lovely outfit!:) the neon necklace is so cool!♥

  4. Adorei os toques neon nos teus accesorios :D E fixe dar um fashion touch dessa forma num casual outfit!