Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look 6: Snowing On My Pants

This is my look for Friday. I was wearing it to go shop for baking supplies.
I decided to make my brother muffins, since it was his birthday. He just turned 17.

I'm wearing a white tee, under my billabong hoodie, polka dot jeans and my sequin bow flats.
The story about those jeans are that I didn't buy them with the polka dots, I'm embroidered each one of those dots. It took me 3 days, usually doing it while watching TV in the evening. Sooo worth it though!

On another note:

I got braces!!!


Hope you have a great weekend.
Bye bye

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  1. Hi Mirna... Tks for visit my blog!!

    You are always welcome..

    And i have a question.. You comment in Portuguese, so Do u speak portuguese or did put on translate?? hahahah

    xoxo ;*